Drew and Rick and Rick's ID

Drew and Rick and Rick's ID
Drew Steck (left) and Rick Katschke (right) are the knuckleheads behind this program

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Complete Series Guide and UPDATES

First of all, here's a quick and easy way to listen to EVERY episode of our show.
For those just now listening to the show, I wanted to give a fair warning that there is some occassional "blue language", nothing explicit in nature, but on a few occassions, a swear word here and there were included in the mix of the conversation. Drew Steck and Rick Katschke and all guests did this for comedic effect, not because they are unclassy individuals. Listen with caution.

Not committed to listening to all 18 episodes yet? Here's a 15 minute sampler, which is far from the "best of" our show, but instead gives you a good feel of what to expect: http://www.archive.org/download/InternetsMaximumPotentialSampler/InternetsMaximumPotentialSampler.mp3

Episode 1: Sip Back and Relax

Episode 2: Sophomore Slump?
Episode 3: The Giver

Episode 4: Can't Stop the Music

Episode 5: Natalie Portman is Cute (with Carl Habermehl and Mike Schmalz)

Episode 6: Weekly Press Conferences

Episode 7: The Pitmaster (with Brad Gage and John Thompson)

Episode 8: Look at this Violence (with Tom Fuchs)

Episode 9: Cutting the Edge

Episode 10: The Sum of All Fests

Episode 11: Ports (with Lee Allen)

Episode 12: Pick of the Reek (with Evan Pilak)

Episode 13: After Hours

Episode 14: 4 Napkins* (with Andrew Iver Nelson)

Episode 15: Slumber Party Politics

Episode 16: Broadcasting's Top Aptitude

Episode 17: Guestapalooza (with Lee Allen, Andrew Berman, Tara Domine, Carl Habermehl, Mike Schmalz and John Thompson)

Episode 18: Season (Series?) Finale

Due to complications with communication on the part of Rick Katschke, Rick and Drew were not able to do a California-based show during Rick's incredibly brief stay in Torrance, California.

Drew's short film "Angel", mentioned in episode 18, is available at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_1gzbvyYRtw

Shortly after the airing of episode 18, Rick Katschke was offered a job and is currently employed. He is saving up so he can start two podcasts...when he does, you will hear it here first.

Most importantly, friend of the show Tinyfolk, has released his latest album "Catfood Shotgun Goddamn", which features some really awesome songs such as "Bubble Guns (Hello Shark)", but also notably features the theme song he created for the Guestapalooza. "Catfood Shotgun Goddamn" can be streamed and downloaded for free at http://cllct.com/release/catfoodshotgungoddamn

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